Past works: video, installation and photography

Here are a few samples of past work, primarily in video and installation, from 2005-2012.  The samples show my ongoing preoccupations with roads, with constructed landscapes, and with bodies in movement and space.

Ports Tracking Shots: Vancouver

- 80 minutes, miniDV, 2010

These extended extracts from the Port of Rotterdam present sequences from a larger project, a video installation featuring long "tracking" shots from major seaports. Three eighty minute to two-hour sequences from four seaports projected simultaneously in an art gallery space will present the viewer with an immersive narrative experience intended to engage the spectator with views on these massive man made landscapes. Above: sulfur piles at the Port of Vancouver. Below: Port of Rotterdam.

Ports Tracking Shots: Rotterdam

-80 minutes, miniDV (2010)

The 400 Doors

- 23 minutes, miniDV (2007)

I filmed, using a tracking shot, the outside of a large distribution centre in Cornwall, ON. The centre, called Supply Chain Management, receives, sorts and disperses goods for Walmart stores from Kingston to St. Johns. The building is 750 by 350 metres, approximately. The entire travelling shot, beginning at loading bay door 498 and ending at door 102, takes 23 minutes.

Images from Hatred of Capitalism

image, text, video, 3D installation, 2008

I showed my exhibition, Hatred of Capitalism/Haïr le capitalisme at the Galérie de l'UQAM, in the winter of 2008.  The show included three videos: Crows along Autoroute 5; a 12-minute remake of a scene from Jean Luc Godard's Numéro deux (1975), featuring Chantal Simard; and The 400 Doors, a 20 minute tracking shot of the Walmart distribution centre in Cornwall, ON. The exhibit included a 3D installation of a two-lane country road (one foot long), and still images of a crow on a country road and hand-drawn maps of roads through clearcuts in northern Quebec. This was my Masters thesis exhibit.  I received a feature review in Le Devoir, Montreal's best French language newspaper.

L'homme qui tombe (the man who falls)

- 15 minutes, mini DV, 2006

In this video, I am filmed walking through a snowy field in which I fall as many times, and in as many ways, as possible. During the video I recite a poem where repeat the phrase "Am I too"... followed by a variety of nonsensical or serious things. In the background Antonin Artaud's "To be finished with the love of God".

It Takes Two, 2012

I asked a boxer to teach me some basic boxing techniques. I filmed him shadow boxing, and then filmed myself shadow boxing back, trying to remember the space and timing of his jabs so I could effectively edit the two screens together. This was shown at the Nuit Blanche in Ottawa, 2012.

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